The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have seen a steady influx of innovative products and services covering biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and other drugs. When it comes to market research in these industries, opinions need to be obtained from people who really matter – like physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and competitors – in order to understand emerging trends and gain a competitive advantage.

Patient-Focused Research Insights

Matrix GMR specializes in delivering ad-hoc research services focused on exceeding your expectations. Based upon each individual project’s parameters, we recommend the optimal quantitative or qualitative data collection methodology, sampling & analysis plan and detailed reporting structure. Using advanced analytical tools and innovative segmentation strategies, we provide you deep insight beyond the collected data to uncover valuable patient-focused insights, brand preferences, pricing sensitivity levels and product usage trends.

In-Patient & Out-Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Measurement of key patient service quality and satisfaction criteria to improve loyalty and retention. Customizable survey platforms can provide in-depth insights beyond standard syndicated patient satisfaction offerings. Available in in-depth interviews (IDI), mail, telephone, interactive voice response (IVR) and Internet research methods, survey programs can be programmed in multiple languages and conducted with a variety of patient types including in-patient, out-patient, emergency room, ambulatory surgery, clinic and rehabilitation.

Physician & Healthcare Professional Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Measurement of healthcare professionals with special focus on employee retention, workload level and resource/support satisfaction. Employee groups can include physicians, healthcare administrators, certified nurses, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, counselors, outreach workers and volunteers. External referring physician surveys can also be conducted in a similar manner.

Disease & Condition Specific Surveys

Large scale and population focused surveys of patients with chronic illnesses, diseases and various physical conditions.

Community Perception & Service Consideration Surveys

Research focused on community perceptions about physicians and hospital facilities within each unique geographic market. Specialties include advertising effectiveness and marketing program return-on-investment analyses.

Focus Groups

Moderated by Matrix GMR healthcare experts, in-person focus groups can take place in major urban metropolitan cities, suburban locations or rural sites.   Our unique mobile service focus group service also allows us to conduct in-person focus groups in any location – offices, libraries, classrooms, event locations or even outdoor locations.  Matrix GMR large online panel network will recruit consumers or healthcare industry professionals for each focus group session as well as provide moderation, hosting, food service catering, incentive distribution, audio & video recording and reporting & analysis services on each project.

Online Focus Groups

Conducted nationwide or within your target local MSA market, online focus groups can provide cost-effective qualitative insights through an interactive online HTML-based forum. This option is excellent for any type of visual stimuli including print ads, website screenshots, streaming video product demonstrations or television commercial testing.

Flexible Market Research Capabilities

Available research modes include in-depth interviews (IDI), mail & paper point-of-service, telephone & interactive voice response (IVR) and Internet-based web surveys.